The Gander River is a testament to the raw beauty of the Newfoundland outdoors. Like Mother Nature herself, the Gander River is at once peaceful and dangerous, soothing and exciting, and always capable of capturing the imagination.

Known the world over for its deep calm salmon pools as well as its rugged shoots and frantic rapids, navigating the Gander River is itself a world-class nature experience. That’s why Cabot Lodge is proud to offer our guests guided tours on one of our seven authentic Gander River Boats. We will take you barreling down the shoots at the south end of the river, and racing through the rapids throughout, giving you ample opportunity to cast your line in one of the hundreds of magnificent salmon pools along the way.

For our clients who prefer to hold the reins themselves, we offer kayaking and canoeing. Feel free to explore the pristine waters and shorelines surrounding Third Pond Island for yourself!